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Call for Papers:

The Second  International Workshop on Thoracic Image Analysis

A MICCAI 2020 Workshop

The Second  Workshop on Thoracic Image Analysis (TIA) brings together medical image analysis researchers in the area of thoracic imaging to discuss recent advances in this rapidly developing field. COVID-19 infection has brought a lot of attention to lung imaging, and the role of CT imaging in the diagnostic workflow of suspects is an important research topic. In addition to that, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and COPD, three diseases all visible on thoracic imaging, are amongst the top causes of death worldwide. Many imaging modalities are currently available to study the pulmonary and cardiac system, including radiography, CT, PET, MRI, and ultrasound. We invite papers that deal with all aspects of image analysis of thoracic data and particularly welcome novel work focused around the need for new methodologies for predisposition, diagnosis, staging, and resolution assessment of COVID-19 infections.

Paper submission deadline: June 20, 2020

Workshop date: October 8, 2020




Von der AG mit organisiert oder unterstützt

Workshop Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin (BVM)
turnus: jährlich
nächster Workshop: 15.3.-17.3.2020, Berlin, Link

Workshop Deep Learning in der Medizinischen Informatik und der Bioinformatik
am 9.9.2019 in Dortmund Link

Biomedical Image and Signal Computing (BISC)
gemeinsamer Workshop zusammen mit der DGBMT

  1. BISC im Rahmen der GMDS Jahrestagung in Lübeck, 2013
  2. BISC als Focussession im Rahmen der BMT in Lübeck, 2015


Jahrestagung der GMDS
08. September 2019 bis 11. September 2019 in Dortmund Link

Jahrestagung der GI
23. September 2019 bis 26. September 2019 in Kassel Link

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