Nutzung von elektronischen Patientenakten für die klinische Forschung

GMDS/IMIA Workshop “Research Databases” / 2nd European i2b2 Academic User Group Meeting

Final Program / Abstracts

Wednesday 10.09.2014 15:30 – 17:30: 
Hands-On Workshop of the „Integrated Data Repository Toolkit (IDRT)“ with i2b2 Wizard, ETL-, Mapping- and Ontology-Tools -> details

Informal Getogether: Socialising/Dinner Event reservation has been made at the Restaurant Villa Cuba for an informal meeting of all participants starting at 7:30 pm; drinks and dinner on your own cost

 Thursday 11.09.2014 09:00 – 17:00:
GMDS/IMIA Workshop “Research Databases“ / 2. European i2b2 AUG Meeting 

M. Quintel , U. Prokosch,
U. Sax, T. Bürkle


Shawn Murphy (Boston)

i2b2 Roadmap

George Hripcsak (New York)

The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI)
Project and Aspects of EHR Data Quality

 10:50 - 11:05


T. Ganslandt, F. Fritz,
E. Zapletal

EHR4CR Overview / data items and pilot site evaluation /
using i2b2 as pilot site CDR in EHR4CR 

C. Bauer

The Integrated Data Repository Toolkit

12:05 - 13:05

Lunch and Posters (Details see below)


Keynote Presentations (13:05 - 14:35)

Paul Avillach (Boston)

Integrating Exome sequencing & Clinical notes in tranSMART/i2b2

Riccardo Bellazzi (Pavia)

Intersections between exposomics and i2b2

D. Van Hyfte

Unlocking Unstructured Clinical Data

14:55 - 15:15


T. Bronsch

Bridging the gap: Improving Secondary Use of EHRs with i2b2 

Y. Girardeau

Mapping between French Procedures (CCAM) to SNOMEDCT,
assessment of Freemind effectiveness 

D. Firnkorn

An Ontology-Generator for i2b2

T. Kirsten

Mapping-based integration of heterogeneous scientific data in LIFE

J. Tedds

BRISSKIT: Biomedical Research Infrastructure Software Service Kit

K.Y. Yigzaw

Snow system - a distributed system for electronic health data reuse

D. Scobbie

Towards a process-driven platform to manage continuously
accruing clinical datasets for use in genomics translational research

6:45: U. Prokosch, U. Sax

Closing remarks

A Poster Tour will be arranged during the lunch break:

J. Ahlbrand

Developing a decentralized emergency care research database for Germany

G. Antony

Evolution of the Competence Network Multiple Sclerosis´IT-Plattform

A.S. Jannot

Comparing structured and unstructured information content in EHR: application to coeliac disease

M. Góralczyk

Fine-grained data protection and security frameworks for sharing health data in medical Research

C. Riede

SEMCARE – SEMantic Data Platform for HealthCARE

F. Rißner

Mapping of conplex clinical data using the example of microbiological reports in i2b2

G. Schneider

Health Information Research Platform Heidelberg:
In-Memory-based and Entity-Attribute-Value-based Real-Time Data Analyses as part of a Clinical Research Infrastructure

M. Sedlmayr, I. Engel

Cloud4Health: Integrating narrative text documentation in a clinical research platform