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Corona crisis - Which digital offers could/can help

Currently, many new ideas are being discussed in politics and the media on how to better control the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In times of contact avoidance, this also affects established care concepts and structures. Novel digital offers are intended to support citizens and people in health care professions in maintaining or (re)structuring their everyday or professional lives despite the coronavirus. 

However, the new services differ in their objectives and approaches. It is therefore not always easy for citizens to maintain an overview. The following texts are intended to provide an overview of current topics and developments. They are prepared in the form of episodes and published by the authors at regular intervals.

The current episode takes a closer look at the terms tracing and tracking in the context of the Corona warning apps.

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Contributors (in alphabetical order):

  • Benjamin Kinast
  • Björn Schreiweis
  • Brigitte Strahwald
  • Martin Wiesner
  • Monika Pobiruchin
  • Tjark Ziehm
  • Veronika Strotbaum

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