Promotion of Junior Members

The GMDS is particularly committed to promoting junior members. It has therefore set itself the goal of providing a wide range of offers to support young scientists and scholars.

In addition, the Presidium Commission for the Promotion of Junior Members was founded to support the Presidium and the GMDS office in this important project by carrying out various activities to promote young researchers.

Every student can become a GMDS member free of charge during their first degree. Up to four years after graduation, the GMDS also grants a significant fee reduction. Further information can be found under the following link

Student sessions and sessions for young researchers are regularly organised at the GMDS General Assembly. For details, please refer to the websites of the GMDS General Assemblies.

Student members whose presentation is accepted and given at a GMDS meeting can apply for a waiver of the congress fee and can apply for reimbursement of travel expenses up to a maximum of 200.00 Euros. Student members whose poster is accepted and presented at a GMDS conference can apply for a waiver of the congress fee. Further information on this can be found under membership fees or from the GMDS office.

A reception for new members is also organised at the GMDS annual meetings. The aim is to present the work of the GMDS and to promote personal contacts between members and the Executive Committee.

GMDS Flyer

  • The GMDS runs an overview of study opportunities in medical informatics/bioinformatics, biometrics/statistics, epidemiology/public health and documentation. In addition, selected curricula vitae show the diverse and exciting career prospects that a corresponding degree programme offers.

  • On the initiative of the Medical Informatics Expert Committee, an interdisciplinary doctoral seminar is currently held annually. The aim of the meeting is to network doctoral students in the field of medical informatics in order to enable an exchange of experiences and finding points of contact between the different works.

  • GMDS promotional awards are given annually for outstanding theses in the fields of medical informatics, medical biometry and epidemiology as well as medical documentation.

  • Since 2010, the GMDS has had a mentoring programme for scientists who aspire to leadership positions in the subjects of medical informatics, medical biometry, epidemiology and medical documentation.

  • The programme aims to better prepare young researchers for the complex situation of the appointment procedure. The main focus is on the presentation of the scientific paper and the situation during the hearing procedure.

  • The first round of the programme started with 15 tandem partnerships. The participants were officially accepted into the programme at the kick-off event during the annual conference of the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS).

  • The mentoring programme with presentation training has been offered again approximately every two years since then.