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GMDS Awards

In order to promote young scientists, the GMDS annually announces the GMDS Sponsorship Awards for outstanding original theses in the fields of medical informatics, medical biometry, epidemiology, medical bioinformatics and systems biology as well as medical documentation.

The Johann Peter Süßmilch Medal has been awarded since 1987 to promote young scientists in the Federal Republic of Germany. The medal is usually awarded every two years to scientists under the age of 40. 

The Paul Martini Award is awarded to promote the development of scientific methods for the assessment of clinical pharmacological and therapeutic measures. The prize was established in 1969 in memory of the physician and scientist Professor Dr. med. Paul Martini in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the further development of clinical-therapeutic research. The prize is awarded every two years, alternating with the Johann Peter Süßmilch Medal.

Poster awards/best presentation in the respective GMDS subject areas are awarded at the annual meeting of the GMDS. A panel of experts selects the best poster or presentation in terms of content and design, for which prize money of 250 euros is offered.

The MI Team of the Year Award is intended to recognise the most active group (project group, working group, study group) within the Medical Informatics Department of the GMDS. Important criteria are, above all, exceptional performance and teamwork. Award guideline

Since 2012, GMDS, BVMI, KH-IT and bvitg have been awarding successful, practice-oriented final theses in the field of healthcare IT with the endowed DMEA Young Scientist Award (formerly "conhIT Young Scientist Award") at conhIT.

The joint Department of Informatics in the Life Sciences of the German Association for Medical Informatics (GI) e.V. and the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS) e.V. annually awards the ILW sponsorship prize for the best master's thesis (degree) from the context: Informatics in the Life Sciences.

The GMDS Science Slam is held at the GMDS annual conference, where students can present their own thesis or independently developed research results in an entertaining way within a time frame of eight minutes. The audience also forms the jury, which determines who will be crowned the winner at the end of the day. 


GMDS Sponsorship Awards 2023

Johann Peter Süßmilch Medal 2023

DMEA Young Scientists Award 2023


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Within the framework of the GMDS Executive Committee meetings, suggestions are regularly made as to who could write a eulogy for long-standing active GMDS members on their birthday. The birthday eulogies are published on this page and in our internal communications under
Since 2019, we have limited ourselves to a large birthday eulogy for the 65th birthday and thereafter congratulate round birthdays with a congratulatory letter in the respective news pages.

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Herrn Fritz Diekmann (22nd October 1947 – 28th September 2021)
Prof. Dr. Joerg Christian Hasford (9th October 1950 – 10th June 2021)
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klar (30th July 1942 – 8th November 2020)
Herrn Peter Pharow († 4th July 2020)