Benefits of a Membership

The benefits of the GMDS membership include:

  • Information on planned congresses and calls for projects,

  • GMDS statements on current topics, especially from the healthcare policy environment,

  • Online journal eGMS "Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology" (MIBE), a forum for scientific exchange, also official organ of the GMDS,

  • Online access to the GMDS international journal "Methods of Information in Medicine" (Intranet),

  • Regular information about the GMDS in the quarterly news pages,

  • Influence on the scientific organisation through active and passive participation in the elections of the organs and branches of the GMDS,

  • Sending out the results of the work of the working and project groups, task groups and departments,

  • Annual report on the activities of the GMDS including membership directory (Intranet),

  • E-mail distribution list for current events, job offers and all other information,

  • Financial discounts at conferences, including those of some sister associations,

  • Further training opportunities and the possibility to acquire the certificates awarded by the GMDS and other professional associations.


The GMDS only comes alive through its members, who contribute their knowledge and expertise and work creatively in one of the many groups (working and project groups, task forces, presidium commissions). We would like to invite you to become a member, either actively or passively.

Increased support measures for junior members:

Application for reimbursement of costs for the annual conference for student members

Application for reimbursement of costs for the annual conference for junior members

Information on sponsoring membership

The German Society for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS) e.V. is pleased to accept new sponsoring members. The minimum membership fee is 600 Euro, whereby each sponsoring member can decide for themselves whether they would like to support the aims of the GMDS voluntarily with a higher amount.

Information on supporting membership

Joint Bioinformatics Division (FaBI)

Since October 2015, the GMDS has been the fifth expert association of the joint Bioinformatics Expert Group (FaBI), which is made up of DECHEMA (Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.), GBM (Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V.), GDCh (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.) and GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.). All GMDS members can join the division free of charge. Please use our membership form and send it back to the GMDS office:

Application for membership of the joint Bioinformatics Division

Joint Bioinformatics Division (FaBI)

The members of the GMDS are supported and promoted by the interdisciplinary networking of the various disciplines, in which the GMDS offers them

  • a neutral and comprehensive forum for the exchange of information relevant to their professional development,

  • provision of effective resources and knowledge for the advancement of their academic and professional career, profession and organisation,

  • a wide range of benefits, such as reduced admission to various conferences, e.g. our annual conference.

Annual membership fees of the GMDS e.V.

Status 1st January until today

Regular Member

 € 75,--

 - Reduced fees for dual membership in the GI, DGEpi, DGfM or the DVMD

 € 60,--

Student Member

 € 0,--

Junior Member

50%-30% of contribution rate

Senior Member

50% of last contribution rate

Supporting Member

By agreement,
min. € 600,--

If there is no direct debit authorisation, the annual fee will be increased by 10 Euros to cover the additional administrative expenditure. This does not apply to the supporting members of the GMDS.

Special regulation for the discontinuation of the Medical Documentation Section as of 1st January 2021:

Members of the Medical Documentation Section can obtain the status of a regular membership in accordance with the special regulation according to §5 (1) of the GMDS statutes as of 1st January 2021, if they submit a corresponding application for special approval to the Presidium by 31st December 2020. The form for submitting the special approval will be sent by post to all members of the Medical Documentation Section and/or dual members DVMD and GMDS. The Presidium is striving to enable all current section members to become regular members of the GMDS. All members have the right of extraordinary termination until 31st December 2020. If no application is submitted to the Presidium, membership also ends on 31st December 2020. In the case of an approved application for special regulation, the following membership fees will apply:

Members of the Section Medical Documentation

Annual membership fee in 2021:                                 € 50,00*

Annual membership fee in 2022:                                 € 60,00*

Annual membership fee as of the year 2023:          € 75,00* (regular fee)

Dual Members Section Medical Documentation / DVMD

Annual membership fee in 2021:                                   € 30,00*

Annual membership fee in 2022:                                   € 50,00*

Annual membership fee as of the year 2023:           € 60,00* (regular fee)

1) Friendly Expert Associations

The GMDS Presidium decides by majority vote to grant a medical/scientific association the status of a "friendly expert association". 

Requirements are:
a) The expert association is a non-profit association
b) The purpose of the expert association does not contradict the statutes of the GMDS
c) The expert association does not pursue any aims contrary to those of the GMDS

The members of the expert associations are granted a percentage discount on the membership fee in the same amount that the expert association grants to GMDS members. The maximum discount is 50% of the GMDS fee.

A written mutual agreement has to be concluded with the expert association.

2) Students and Junior Members

A) Students [1] can become members of the GMDS free of charge during their first degree [2]. The student status must be proven annually by presenting the certificate of enrolment. Otherwise, the free membership automatically becomes a junior membership. The student status remains valid in case of direct connection from Bachelor to Master studies.

[1] This applies to ALL subjects and universities as well as universities of applied sciences.

[2] Cost exemption is possible for second studies upon justified application to the Executive Board.

B) Junior members are members at half the membership fee. If they are also members of friendly expert associations, the rate is reduced to 30% on application to the Executive Committee.

Junior Members are:

a) Members

   1) up to four years after graduation

   2) in the case of a dissertation project until its completion

b) Students from second degree programmes, postgraduate and continuing education programmes.

Points a1 - a2 apply accordingly.

Unemployed members are junior members in the sense of the subscription rules. Upon justified application, the Executive Board may grant exemption from membership fees.

3) Increased support measures for younger members

Student members in their first Bachelor's or Master's degree programme, who have a presentation accepted and given at a GMDS conference, will receive a waiver of the congress fee upon application and may have their travel expenses reimbursed up to the amount of Euro 200,-- upon application.

Junior members from whom a paper is accepted and who give a talk at a GMDS meeting may, on application, have the congress fee and one annual fee for the GMDS remitted.

Student members in their first Bachelor's or Master's degree programme who have a poster accepted and presented at a GMDS meeting can apply for a remission of the congress fee.

Junior members who have a poster accepted and presented at a GMDS meeting can apply for a remission of the annual GMDS membership fee.

Application for reimbursement of costs for the annual conference for student members

Application for reimbursement of costs for the annual conference for junior members

4) Senior Membership

Upon retirement, the membership fee will be reduced upon application to 50% of the last regular membership fee paid. In justified exceptions, the Executive Board may grant exemption from membership fees upon application.

Explanation of the type of membership:

Friendly professional associations are accepted as Corporate Members according to §5 (6) of the statutes.

Junior members, double members and senior members are not named separately in the statutes and have the status of full members according to §5 (1) of the statutes.