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wir möchten Sie auf eine neue Ausgabe der offiziellen internationalen Zeitschrift der GMDS, Methods of Information in Medicine, aufmerksam machen. Alle Artikel der Zeitschrift sind für persönliche GMDS-Mitglieder kostenlos im Intranet unter www.gmds.de zugreifbar.

Dear GMDS Members,

A new issue of the journal Methods of Information in Medicine 2017; 56; 2 is now available online at www.methods-online.com.
Below you also find the latest publications of our newly implemented journal track Methods Open.

Technologies Solutions Schemes for Patients’ Rehabilitation
Methodologies, Models and Algorithms
Focus Theme Editorial - REHAB
H. M. Fardoun, A. S. Mashat
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 83-87

Technology in Rehabilitation: Evaluating the Single Leg Squat Exercise with Wearable Inertial Measurement Units
Focus Theme - REHAB
D. F. Whelan, M. A. O'Reilly, T. E. Ward, E. Delahunt, B. Caulfield
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 88-94

Combined Vision and Wearable Sensors-based System for Movement Analysis in Rehabilitation
Focus Theme - REHAB
S. Spasojević, T. V. Ilić, S. Milanović, V. Potkonjak, A. Rodić, J. Santos-Victor
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 95-111

Eye Movement Analysis and Cognitive Assessment
The Use of Comparative Visual Search Tasks in a Non-immersive VR Application
Focus Theme - REHAB
P. J. Rosa, P. Gamito, J. Oliveira, D. Morais , M. Pavlovic, O. Smyth, I. Maia, T. Gomes
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 112-116

An Immersive Virtual Reality Platform to Enhance Walking Ability of Children with Acquired Brain Injuries
Focus Theme - REHAB
E. Biffi, E. Beretta, A. Cesareo, C. Maghini, A. C. Turconi, G. Reni, S. Strazzer
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 119-126

MaLT – Combined Motor and Language Therapy Tool for Brain Injury Patients Using Kinect
Focus Theme - REHAB
Online Supplementary Material
M. Wairagkar, R. McCrindle, H. Robson, L. Meteyard, M. Sperrin, A. Smith, M. Pugh
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 127-137

The Effect of Balance Training on Postural Control in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Using a Virtual Rehabilitation System
Focus Theme - REHAB
S. Albiol-Pérez, J.-A. Gil-Gómez, M.-T. Muñoz-Tomás, H. Gil-Gómez, R. Vial-Escolano, J.-A. Lozano-Quilis
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 138-144

Evaluation Results of an Ontology-based Design Model of Virtual Environments for Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
Focus Theme - REHAB
C. Ramírez-Fernández, A. L. Morán, E. García-Canseco, J. R. Gómez-Montalvo
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 145-155

Cognitive Training through mHealth for Individuals with Substance Use Disorder
Focus Theme - REHAB
P. Gamito, J. Oliveira, P. Lopes, R. Brito, D. Morais, C. Caçoete, A. Leandro, T. Almeida, H. Oliveira
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 156-161

Can 3D Gamified Simulations Be Valid Vocational Training Tools for Persons with Intellectual Disability?
An Experiment Based on a Real-life Situation
Focus Theme - REHAB
A. von Barnekow, N. Bonet-Codina, D. Tost
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 162-170

Using Actigraphy and mHealth Systems for an Objective Analysis of Sleep Quality on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients
Focus Theme - REHAB
S. Balderas-Díaz, M. P. Martínez, G. Guerrero-Contreras, E. Miró, K. Benghazi, A. I. Sánchez, J. L. Garrido, G. Prados
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 171-179

The MADE Reference Information Model for Interoperable Pervasive Telemedicine Systems
Online Supplementary Material
Focus Theme - Wearable Therapy
N. L. S. Fung, V. M. Jones, H. J. Hermens
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 2: 180-187

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For further details please see the explanatory editorial and Instructions to Authors.

On Teaching International Courses on Health Information Systems
Lessons Learned during 16 Years of Frank – van Swieten Lectures on Strategic Information Management in Health Information Systems
E. Ammenwerth (1), P. Knaup (2), A. Winter (3), A. W. Bauer (4), O. J. Bott (5, 6), M. Gietzelt (2), B. Haarbrandt (5), W. O. Hackl (1), N. Hellrung (5, 7), G. Hübner-Bloder (1), F. Jahn (3), M. W. Jaspers (8), U. Kutscha (9), C. Machan (1), B. Oppermann (5), J. Pilz (9), J. Schwartze (5), C. Seidel (10), J.-E. Slot (11, 12), S. Smers (13), K. Spitalewsky (2, 14), N. Steckel (5, 15), A. Strübing (3), M. van der Haak (2, 16), R. Haux (5), W. J. ter Burg (8)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e39-e48

The Impact of Information Culture on Patient Safety Outcomes
Development of a Structural Equation Model
V. Jylhä (1), S. Mikkonen (2), K. Saranto (1), D. W. Bates (3, 4)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e30-e38

Discussion of “Representation of People’s Decisions in Health Information Systems: A Complementary Approach for Understanding Health Care Systems and Population Health”
N. Al-Shorbaji (1), E. M. Borycki (2), M. Kimura (3), C. U. Lehmann (4), N. M. Lorenzi (4), L. A. Moura (5), A. Winter (6)Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e20-e29

Representation of People‘s Decisions in Health Information Systems
A Complementary Approach for Understanding Health Care Systems and Population Health
F. Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros (1), A. R. Dawidowski (2), S. Figar (2)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e13-e19

Health Information Systems Supporting Health and Resiliency Through Improved Decision-making
D. Ring (1), W. M. Tierney (2)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e11-e12

Research Strategies for Biomedical and Health Informatics
Some Thought-provoking and Critical Proposals to Encourage Scientific Debate on the Nature of Good Research in Medical Informatics
R. Haux (1), C. A. Kulikowski (2), S. Bakken (3), S. de Lusignan (4), M. Kimura (5), S. Koch (6), J. Mantas (7), V. Maojo (8), M. Marschollek (1), F. Martin-Sanchez (9), A. Moen (10, 11), H.-A. Park (12), I. N. Sarkar (13), T. Y. Leong (14, 15), A. T. McCray (16)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e1-e10

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