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wir möchten Sie auf eine neue Ausgabe der offiziellen internationalen Zeitschrift der GMDS, Methods of Information in Medicine, aufmerksam machen. Alle Artikel der Zeitschrift sind für persönliche GMDS-Mitglieder kostenlos im Intranet unter www.gmds.de zugreifbar.

Dear GMDS Members,

A new issue of the journal Methods of Information in Medicine 2017; 56; 4 is now available online at www.methods-online.com.
Below you also find the latest publications of our newly implemented journal track Methods Open.

Back on Track
S. Koch, O. Gefeller (1), I. N. Sarkar (2), R. Haux (3)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 274-275

Data Requirements for the Correct Identification of Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events in Patients Presenting at an Emergency Department <
B. Plank-Kiegele (1), T. Bürkle (2), F. Müller (1), A. Patapovas (3), A. Sonst (4), B. Pfistermeister (1), H. Dormann (4), R. Maas (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 276-282

An Environment for Guideline-based Decision Support Systems for Outpatients Monitoring
E. M. Zini (1), G. Lanzola (1), P. Bossi (2), S. Quaglini (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 283-293

A Multi-way Multi-task Learning Approach for Multinomial Logistic Regression*
An Application in Joint Prediction of Appointment Miss-opportunities across Multiple Clinics
A. Alaeddini (1), S. H. Hong (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 294-307

Can Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms Help for Classification of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity to Optimal Utilization of Polysomnography Resources?*
S. Bozkurt (1), A. Bostanci (2), M. Turhan (2)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 308-318

Reconstruction of 12-lead ECG Using a Single-patch Device
H. J. Lee (1), D. S. Lee (1), H. B. Kwon (1), D. Y. Kim (2), K. S. Park (3)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 319-327

Chronic Disease Registries – Trends and Challenges
J. Schüz (1), M. Fored (2)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 328-329

Mapping Acute Coronary Syndrome Registries to SNOMED CT
A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Sweden
I. Mohd Sulaiman (1), D. Karlsson (2), S. Koch (3)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 330-338

Boosting Quality Registries with Clinical Decision Support Functionality*
User Acceptance of a Prototype Applied to HIV/TB Drug Therapy
C. Wannheden (1), H. Hvitfeldt-Forsberg (1), E. Eftimovska (1), K. Westling (2, 3), J. Ellenius (4)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 4: 339-343

New Open Access articles are published and available online at Methods Open.
With Methods Open authors have the possibility to publish their articles in gold open access and interested readers have immediate free access to the content.
For further details please see the explanatory editorial and Instructions to Authors.

mHealth Application Areas and Technology Combinations
A Comparison of Literature from High and Low/Middle Income Countries
H. Abaza (1), M. Marschollek (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e105-e122

Quality Requirements for Electronic Health Record Systems
A Japanese-German Information Management Perspective
A. Winter (1), K. Takabayashi (2), F. Jahn (1), E. Kimura (3), R. Engelbrecht (4), R. Haux (5), M. Honda (6), U. H. Hübner (7), S. Inoue (8), C. D. Kohl (9), T. Matsumoto (10), Y. Matsumura (11), K. Miyo (12), N. Nakashima (13), H.-U. Prokosch (14), M. Staemmler (15)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e92-e104

A Comparison of Discovered Regularities in Blood Glucose Readings across Two Data Collection Approaches Used with a Type 1 Diabetic Youth
V. Lee, T. Thurston, C. Thurston
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e84-e91

Rapid Development of Specialty Population Registries and Quality Measures from Electronic Health Record Data
An Agile Framework
V. Kannan (1), J. S. Fish (1), J. M. Mutz (1), A. R. Carrington (1), K. Lai (1), L. S. Davis (1), J. E. Youngblood (1), M. R. Rauschuber (1), K. A. Flores (1), E. J. Sara (1), D. G. Bhat (1), D. L. Willett (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e74-e83

mosaicQA – A General Approach to Facilitate Basic Data Quality Assurance for Epidemiological Research
M. Bialke (1), H. Rau (1), T. Schwaneberg (1), R. Walk (2), T. Bahls (1), W. Hoffmann (1)
Methods Inf Med 2017 56 Open: e67-e73

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