GMDS Jahresbericht 2022

Single Cell Data

Prof. Dr. Georg Fuellen, Rostock (Leiter)
Prof. Dr. Harald Binder, Freiburg (Stellvertreter)
Dr. Martin Treppner, Freiburg (Stellvertreter)

Tätigkeit vom 1. Januar 2022 bis 31. Dezember 2022

Our Zoom meeting on March 15 was a truly insightful event. Vadim N. Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School) gave a presentation on "Profiling epigenetic age in single cells," which was followed by a presentation from Joshua D. Welch (University of Michigan) on "Sampling from disentangled representations of single-cell data using generative adversarial networks." 

We thank the speakers and the participants for the fantastic talks and discussions!

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