Methoden und Werkzeuge für das Management von Krankenhausinformationssystemen (mwmKIS)

Workshop "Health IT Maturity Models" (30.09.2020)


With the passing of the German Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG, Englisch: Hospital Future Law), a uniform survey of the digital maturity level will be carried out for German hospitals from 2021. The maturity model to be developed shall be scientifically sound and also take existing approaches into account.

The GMDS-GI working group "Methods and Tools for the Management of Hospital Information Systems (mwmKIS)" takes this as an opportunity to discuss existing approaches from other countries in the online workshop "Health IT Maturity Models" and to formulate requirements for a German maturity model. We were able to attract international speakers to report on their experiences in their respective countries.

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In the satellite session of the GMDS/GI working group mwmKIS, led by Dr. Jan-David Liebe (University AS Osnabrück) and Franziska Jahn (University of Leipzig), around 30 participants  discussed how recent maturity models can help to describe and to actively shape the complex paths to digital excellence in a national healthcare system.

In the session, international experiences and requirements for the implementation of maturity models in terms of content, methodology and technology were addressed.

Marta Krasuska, PhD (Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK) opened the session by reporting on current findings on the content and methodological requirements for measuring digital maturity.

In her presentation “Current findings on requirements and experiences with measuring digital maturity: Results of a Delphi study” Marta talked about her experiences with the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) program. She also specified the concept of digital excellence and why it goes beyond the purely technological approach. The presentation wasclosed with lessons learnd and wider considerations on the measurement of digital maturity at the national level.

Prof. Christian Nøhr, PhD (SDU Health Informatics, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark) continued  with the presentation titled “Experience from the Nordic eHealth Research Network in Developing Benchmarks for Availability, Use and Impact of eHealth Technologies”. He reported on the experiences with maturity measurement in the Scandinavian countries through the Nordic eHealth benchmark. He described the history and developmental steps of the procedure and provides information on important prerequisites for an evidence-based political guidance of an innovative digital health care system.

Henrik Möller (, NHS, UK), provided insights into the technical feasibility of maturity measurement by presenting the NHS Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA), which has been in use for many years ("“Experiences from the UK: The NHS Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA)”). Henrik discussed the platform's various features and presents important findings on best practice for a technically implemented monitoring platform for digital maturity at national level.

Jordan Everson, PhD (Assistant Professor at the Department of Health Policy, Vanderbilt University, USA) provided a brief historical overview of the origins of the Meaningful Use program in the USA. Based on his current studies, he elaborates six insightful lessons learned for a national measurement of digital maturity.

Finally, Dr. Jan-David Liebe introduced requirements  for a maturity model for the German hospital system in order to implement the requirements of the KHZG.

Download all presentations of the workshop in one PDF file

Recordings of the workshop:

Marta Krasuska's presentation on the GMDS YouTube Channel

Christian Nøhr's presentation on the GMDS YouTube Channel

Henrik Möller's presentation on the GMDS YouTube Channel

Jordan Everson's presentation on the GMDS YouTube Channel