Project Group

Global Health Informatics (GHI)


In international cooperation with countries of the Global South, there have been many contacts and joint projects between German institutions and individuals with actors in resource constrained partner countries in the field of health data for many years. Often, these are limited to the respective project context, not networked nationwide, and therefore not sustainable beyond the project period. At the same time, there is a high interest in German know-how and academic partnerships in the partner countries. Based on this, cooperation and communication among researchers, clinicians, and students between countries in Europe and countries of the Global South are intended to be promoted through transnational exchange of research methods, infrastructure, and medical data. In order to network individual projects and initiate and advance joint project ideas, this working  group is intended to be a driving force.


  • Regular calls and meetings of the group (biannually)
  • Joint webinars for GMDS members (potentially also external)
  • Collaborative publications
  • Twinning of companies, organizations, and individuals for South-North exchange
  • Participation in relevant conferences hosting sessions/workshops (e.g., GMDS, MIE, MEDINFO, HELINA, GDHF)
  • Promotion and facilitation of exchange opportunities for students and academics, as well as supervision of student theses (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Development of joint teaching formats