Project Group

Global Health Informatics (GHI)

Forum & Mailinglist

The forum of for the Global Health Informatics project group serves as a mailing list to exchange news and ideas and to discuss group activities. It is hosted by Google Groups:


The forum is set up as a closed group:

  • If you want to sign up directly on the page, you need to be logged in with your Google user.
  • If you don't want to use a Google user, feel free to join the group by reaching out to the current speakers of the group. You will not be able to use the full forum functionality, but receive all emails.

Only registered users can send, receive and browse mails. If you want to use another mail account than your normal Google account, you can specify an alternative eMail address in your Google account settings.

Please note that this group is not publicly visible. You are still kindly requested not to post any personal data of other people to the group. You are in full control on how much of your own personal information you want to offer to others via your Google Profile (if at all you are using one). Also you are free to accept or decline the invitation to this group. If you accept the invitation you agree to the Google terms of service.