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Prof. Dr.
Harald Binder

President - October 2021 - September 2023

Prof. Dr.
André Scherag

1. Vizepräsident - 10/2021 bis 09/2023

Prof. Dr.
Hans-Ulrich Prokosch

Assessor - October 2022 - September 2024

Schatzmeisterin - 10/2021 bis 09/2023

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the GMDS is composed of the heads of the working groups (WG),  the project groups (PG), the task groups (TG), the presidium commissions (PC), the presidium, the expert committees of the specialist fields (EC), the section committees of the sections (SC) and of up to three further members of the GMDS delegated by the presidium. Furthermore, the GMDS representatives for the societies of which the GMDS is a corporate member, as well as one agent from the societies, belong to the Advisory Board.
In some instances, the members of the advisory board hold several positions, which is why some people are listed more than once.

Working Groups

Project Groups PG Psychological mechanisms of evidence-based decision-making: PD Dr. Odette Wegwarth, Berlin

Project Groups

Task Groups TG working group Digital Health in paediatrics (WG DHP): Dr. med. Jan de Laffolie (Giessen), Prof. Dr. Rainer Roehrig (Aachen)

Task Groups

Presidium Commissions


  • President: Prof. Dr. Harald Binder, Freiburg
  • 1st vice president: Prof. Dr. André Scherag, Jena
  • 2nd vice president: Prof. Dr. Alfred Winter, Leipzig 
  • Treasurer: Dr. Irene Schmidtmann, Mainz
  • Recording secretary: Maren Hackenberg, Freiburg
  • Assessor: Prof. Dr. Antje Timmer, Oldenburg
  • Assessor: Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Erlangen
  • Head of section medical informatics: Prof. Dr. Ursula Hübner, Onsabrueck
  • Head of section medical biometry: Dr. Verena Hoffmann, Munich
  • Head of section epidemiology: Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmidt, Greifswald
  • Head of section medical bioinformatics and systems biology: Prof. Dr. Niels Grabe, Heidelberg
  • Co-opted assessor: Prof. Dr. Claudia Ose, Essen

Expert Committees of Specialist Fields

  • EC Medical Informatics
  • EC Medical Biometry
  • EC Epidemiology 
  • EC Medical Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Deployed employees of the Presidium in accordance with §13 (1) of the GMDS statutes